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What the visit includes:

History taking....

A thorough histroy taking is taken at the start of the consultation. 

It includes:

  • Clarify Vet permission has been given.

  • Any past/current injuries or illnesses.

  • Any change to behaviour.

  • Any change to performance.

  • Day to day lifestyle.

Static and dynamic assessment...

Your animal is assessed whilst standing still and then will be asked to walk and trot up and down in a straight line,on a circle and back up.

This enables me to see any gait abnormalities, how the animal moves, any obvious tense areas effecting the animals movement, any muscle asymmetry and any lameness. (If lameness is apparent then the animal will be referred back to the vet)

The Treatment...

Using my hands I palpate the whole animal to locate any potential tense and sore areas. I then palpate the atlas, spine and pelvis to check for any misalignment's. These misalignment's are treated using the McTimoney technique which is gentle and only with my hands. After this soft tissue techniques are used to release any tension. 



After the treatment I will show you appropriate stretches to help your animal stay supple and reduce tension in relation to what I found. 

Post treatment aftercare advice is given in regards to exercise and routine management. Advice is given regarding future treatments.


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